The Evolution of Fitness Fashion & the Rise of Much Loved Irish Activewear

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Ireland has not been exempt from the impressive expansion that has been seen in the international sportswear market in recent years. In order to stay healthy and retain a sense of regularity while living under lockdowns and limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world turned to fitness and wellness. Activewear demand increased significantly as a result of the rise in interest in physical fitness & everyday wear.

Irish Activewear: What is it?

Irish activewear is a term for a selection of apparel made especially for sports and exercise. It includes a range of clothing pieces like leggings, sports bras, tank tops, hoodies, and more that are all designed to offer comfort, flexibility, and style while exercising. Irish sportswear companies frequently place an emphasis on the marriage of practicality and style, making sure that wearers not only look fantastic but also feel comfortable while exercising. In recent years this term has expanded to include activwear as everyday wear.

Ireland’s Increase in Activewear Since COVID-19

People’s goals and way of life have changed significantly as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Many people turned to home workouts and outdoor exercises as a way to stay active and maintain mental well-being as a result of gym closures and limitations on outdoor activities. Due to this change in behaviour, there was a sharp increase in the demand for sportswear in Ireland as consumers looked for comfortable, functional apparel that could easily go from indoor exercises to outdoor activities. This was also coupled with the more relaxed approach to clothing and style as people worked from home and activewear was no longer just for the gym it was for everyday wear too.

Irish activewear companies responded to this trend by creating premium workout clothing that satisfied changing consumer demands. The expansion of the sportswear sector in Ireland was further fueled by this shift towards athleisure, a look that combines activewear with regular clothing.

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Since the COVID-19 epidemic began, sportswear has become more popular in Ireland, which represents a change in priorities and way of life. Gym Grow Gain has developed special features and stylish designs that improve the training experience in addition to meeting the rising demand for fitness apparel. Our brand has become a firm favourite for fitness professionals like personal trainers, pilates instructors and running enthusiasts as well as busy mums.